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Completely wrong view is that a low carbohydrate diet can be achieved in the corresponding muscle growth.

You need at least 4 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight per day.

With this in mind, what is your body fat, how intensely you train and what is your metabolism, this amount can be increased up to 6-8 g. Weighing 70 kg practitioner therefore needs 310-620 grams of carbohydrates a day Muscle Review

When you train larger muscle groups, need more muscle fuel. When you exercise such as legs, back and chest, need 6-8 g / kg of carbohydrates per day

For small muscle groups, such as the abdomen, calves, shoulders and hands, you’ll need less fuel, about 4-6 g / kg. Beginners or women who are at risk when picking up muscle mass and gain fat should hold recommendation 6 g / kg for larger and 4 g / kg for smaller muscle groups.

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How often
As for protein, you should divide the daily dose of carbohydrates to 5 – 6 meals. This mode creates good conditions to saturate the muscle proteins and to protect it from degradation of muscle fibers.

What to eat
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Jason Ferruggia By Muscle Gaining Secrets

You just keep only skinny Boy, who will have little toothpicks. But when you focus on the large muscle groups such as legs, back, chest, shoulders, I guarantee you that your arm increases regardless of whether you exercise or not.

Jason Ferruggia:Your body is the need to adapt to large scale that is subjected to a stronger and more resilient. Just have a look at the pictures power lifters or weightlifters.

It’s not just guys who spend a lot of time in the mirror observing the contraction of your upper arm, and yet they have developed a strong arm.

But do not be fooled by “large scale.”   When you get your imagination produces some crazy idea loaded dumbbells while you are embarrassed when you lie down under his 30-pound Bench press, so try this idea somehow go away Muscle Gaining

That’s what it is. Never mind that the weighs 30 pounds, it is still several times the weight you just need to use the biceps to support the knee. In this comparison is 30 kg Heavy weight. Do you see what I mean?

You just have to use exercises in which you are able to practice with the heaviest weight Assuming good technique.

So what should I exercise?
There are two such fundamental ways. Older immediately prescribes the basic exercises with dumbbells. Younger direction came with the advent of modern fitness centers and recommended to start exercising on machines.
Machine you are headed, and therefore there is much less risk of an injury More Information About Muscle Building CLICK HERE